Question Everything But Not to The Point of Paralysis.

Question everything, absolutely, I get it. Nothing is as it may appear at first glance, but make sure you don’t spend so much time questioning everything you see that it leaves you incapable of acting on the information you have.

There comes times in our lives that we can spend so much time questioning everything that it comes full circle. That through our inability to accept the relevance of multiple streams of information to create an overall image, we fail in our duty to act to stop abhorrent behaviour.

Syria is a classic case and point, none of us can be absolutely certain of anything that is happening there, but we have enough information at our disposal to know that the western world entering into the melee bombing cities, is not warranted.

There are too many questions unanswered to be able to support that action, however if we refuse to take a position based on the fact that we are still questioning everything, our governments will act to follow their agendas. The bombs will be dropping, infrastructure will be destroyed and more people will lose their lives.

Question everything, without doubt, but remember when deadlines are approaching to behaviours that may have detrimental effects on other human beings on our planet, such as war, we are put in a position of choosing what to support.

You stand up and voice your opposition to the terror of further conflict, or you justify it through either the information you have or your silence. It is a shame to be put in the position of being forced to make decisions due to time constraints that may not allow us to fully investigate as much as we would like, but it is a reality of the situation we can find ourselves in at times. Nobody is saying stop researching, stop questioning, just be prepared to make a decision, the best one you can based on the information you have.

Question Everything But Not to The Point of Paralysis.

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