Resource Based Economy? Why Do Anything Different?

Jae Sabol of the One Community Organization shares his understandings of a Resource Based Economy with us and offers direction in regards to getting involved.


It appears that the current economic system is not working for many. Globally people are starving, without homes, unable to afford or access education, and in many cases living without even having access to clean water or electricity. Statistically there also appears to be an increasing gap between those with the resources they need and those without them. A resource based economy (RBE) is one possible solution. One Community, the RBE10K Project, the Build Hybrid RBE Communities and Towns Now open Facebook group, and others are organizing specifically to demonstrate and promote the RBE approach to Highest Good of All living and comprehensively addressing these issues.

The basic principle of a resource based economy is the making of all goods and services available without the use of money, credits, barter, or any other system of debt or servitude. Implementation of this means that investment of time and energy becomes the only currency and all resources are shared and managed by the collective desires of the group. Many groups like ours also see consensus governing (click here for information on consensus governing with groups of 200+) as a foundational aspect of the decision making process also, but this form of organization is not a necessary component of a resource based economy.

On a deeper level, a resource based economy is about the careful application of the methods of science for human concern, the creation of abundance for all, the automation of as much labour and decision making as practical, and a cultural shift from guilt and condemnation to personal and social responsibility, meritocracy, access replacing ownership, cooperation replacing competition, and ultimately the virtual elimination of the need for law and enforcement because everyone is provided for.

The foundational thought driving a system such as this is that there is enough for everyone, through sharing and working together for our mutual benefit aiming to achieve the highest good for all we can experience total human betterment. People around the world are beginning to collaborate on this idea and organized groups, such as ours, are working together with others to make it happen because we recognise an R.B.E. is possible if enough people want it.

In our experience, the most common questions to arise when discussing a resource based economy revolve around feasibility and motivation. Is it really possible? How will anything get done, how do you keep people motivated without money? The simplest answer to these questions involves looking at the existing example (of the basic tenants of a R.B.E.) that almost everyone is familiar with: the family unit.

The family unit.

In most family units a sharing of resources without exchange or barter is in place, the family works together to achieve their common goals and foundational resources are all shared. Family sizes, family leadership structures, and energetic input within these structures vary greatly but the basic principles of working together and sharing are fairly universal. Extending this idea outside of family groups is also already fairly prevalent in various segments of most cultures with extensive utilization remaining in “less developed societies.”

One Community’s belief is that this concept of sharing and working together is individually beneficial and an approach that demonstrates living for The Highest Good of All. We think that it creates more effective entities from a business, financial, communal, and global perspective and we also see it already happening. People every day are donating their time to organizations like ours and others that are collaborating, creating, and giving away everything we can to further help humanity.

With this approach we have the ability to transcend ideology because what we are creating is for everyone. We also have the ability to unify as a people behind a common goal of helping each other, which is in our opinion, the real essence of a resource based economy.

We see the next step as really demonstrating that this model can provide an alternative with clear benefits for people unhappy with the current economic system. One Community, and many others, are creating this now with open source plans purposed to provide a 4-phase roadmap for establishing these models complete with physical infrastructure, built-in revenue streams, more fulfilled-living lifestyle elements, and clearly defined financial and time investment requirements to make it all possible.

We believe that if we make it compelling enough, affordable enough, easy enough, and globally accessible, then this idea will experience exponential growth. This is the purpose of One Community and like-minded organizations such as the Build Hybrid RBE Communities and Towns Now open group, the RBE10K Project, and others working together right now to create a global collaborative of self-sufficient and self-sustainable teacher and demonstration communities, villages and cities to be built around the world. For people who understand the benefits, integration of a resource based economy into these models is foundational.

Jae Sabol

Executive Director of One Community

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization


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